Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now Blogging at Boatlife!

Hello everyone,
     After six months of settling in to England and life as a newlywed aboard a narrowboat, I finally have some time to write again.
Dear Sir aka Les aka my darling husband, wanted us to blog together on his blog "Boats and Cruising" Valerie. With his full support I spent all day yesterday revamping his blog and making it "our" blog.
     While still located at it is now titled Boatlife: Continuously Cruising Aboard NB Valerie....
Our life and travels throughout 3000 miles of British inland waterways: a bit of canal history, an occasional mystery; spiced with large quantities of love, laughter,and great comraderie!
Please join us on our journey together!
Jaq and Les 


  1. Hi Jaqueline,
    It's Debbie Elmore! I have been thinking of you and Les and here you are blogging from England! YeeHaa!


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